Monday, September 3, 2018

Making inferences with riddles - Who am I?

Room 2 has been looking at making inferences by creating our own 'who am I?' riddles. 
We learnt that inferences are made by looking for clues in a text and using our schema (our own background knowledge) to help us understand.  

Here are some of our own inference poems that we will share at our upcoming assembly this Thursday.
Can you solve our riddle?


  1. Hi my name is Rhys,
    I think they were excellent,
    I knew what they were pretty quick
    but I do play guess what I am a lot though so for a kids my age I think they are pretty good

    kind regaurds

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  3. Hey there Room 2, my name is Parwin and I am a 7 from Yaldhurst Model school, I really liked your
    clues that you gave because they were descriptive and the animals/humans/characters that you used
    were good animals/humans/characers. I think that the first one was a shark, the second one a spider,
    the next one is Rapunzel, next one is a dog, then its a technology thing like a computer or phone? next
    one is Yoda, and the last one is a dog. I really liked this because it was interesting and fun too! Your
    post's were amazing!

    Looking forward to your next comments,

  4. Hello Kawakawa primary school
    I think It was very good and some where very hard to figure out
    I find guess games very easily though but I did think they were very good
    The 1st one is a shark the second one is a spider and the 3rd one is repunzil the 4th is a dog the 5th one is a computer the 6th one is yoda and the 7th one is a dog
    KInd regards Eben

  5. Hi my name is Hunter from Yaldhurst Model School
    I think the riddles were hard to solve but I guess one was a computer.
    I think that was awesome I really like it.
    It was really fun trying to solve them.
    Well done.
    kind regards Hunter