Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Does it float?

Next week at school, the middle and senior syndicate are having a raft race. The challenge is for each class to create a raft using recyclable materials, they are not allowed to be materials that can easily break in the water as we are having our raft race in our school pool and are not allowed to block up the filters in the pool.

What we learnt that the engineering process teaches us how to make a good design and to make improvements it if it doesn't work, we also had to plan and reflect on what we've made.
This is the second raft that Room 2 has created the first one we made could float but it could not hold a person.       

What do you think?

In the comments, make a prediction - do you think this raft can float on water?

Monday, December 3, 2018

Class of the week!!! Class of the week!!!

We are proud to announce that we were chosen as class of the week by Nga Rau Rangatira. The reasons that we were chosen was our singing during taumata, the way we sat in taumata.
This week we have the job of looking out for the class of the week, we are looking for the class who shows respect in taumata, who sings our waiata proudly and who lines up ready to learn.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Our final assembly for the year.

Hello, my name is Oshen I am writing Room 2's blog post for the week. Today was our final assembly for the year. Above our assembly slide. We started our assembly with the national anthem.  For the first item, we sang the song "we will rock you" by Queen. 

For our second item, we shared a story that we created as a class. It was called Polygon Street.
We had to create a drawing of a person and a mansion using only polygons
. Here is the the slide from our learning - it includes some videos we found on Youtube that explain what polygons are.

When we had finished creating our polygon mansion and polygon pal, we made a story about it and read it to the school. Ngarui and I created a Gif about Polygon street for our assembly slide. Here is our story below:

For our 3rd item, our boys in our class did a dance called the Zorba.

They were pretty awesome performing in front of the whole school. If you want to see a video of them doing the Zorba - check out their blog posts on their individual blog pages.   

After that, all the girls in our class did a play. We found the play in one of our school journals and the play was about some people in Rome. It was really fun but I got a bit nervous.


Finally, all the girls and boys made a Christmas Carol video about the 12 days of Christmas. 

We had to create animations using stop motion or google slides.  We also used audacity to record the singing and the sound effects that went with the pictures. See for yourself.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Room 2's class movie for 2018 - Part 2

We are happy to announce that our class movie "Project Island Song" was selected along with Room 16's class movie to screen at the Kaikohekohe Networks movie night.  Whaea Sally asked Koda and Ngarui if they could come along to the event at Paihia School, their job was to introduce the film to everyone.  

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Room 2's Class Movie for 2018

In Room 2 we have been movie making.  Each class at Kawakawa Primary School creates up to 2 movies to present to our school. The school has a movie viewing day where we see all of the movies that have been created.  After viewing the movies, each student chooses their top 3 movie choices.  The 3 movies that have the most votes are then shown at the Kaikohekohe Movie night.

We decided to create 2 movies based around our trip to Urapukapuka island for Project Island Song.  Our first movie was made with Kizoa, it shows what we did and what we learnt during our trip.

Our second movie was a music video about Project Island Song.  We composed the lyrics ourselves, created the music ourselves using Audacity and Garageband.  We then used a green screen to record our dancing and singing.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Boat building challenge - Part 1

Hello everyone and welcome back to school!  Here in Room 2, we have kick-started our final term with a boat building S.T.E.M challenge.

Throughout the year, our school has been focusing on "Awa (River)" - in term one we looked at the water cycle, in term two we looked at water conservation and what makes a healthy awa, in term three we learnt about the history of our own awa 'Taumarere', and for this term we are going to look at creating something that can float on our awa.

The challenge: To build a boat that will allow our "explorers" to sail across the ocean without sinking.

First we had to do a lot of brainstorming together in small groups.  We were only given certain materials to use for the challenge.  Furthermore, we had to buy the material using our class dojo points that we have been collecting throughout the year. 

Our groups have successfully built a boat each, and some of us have been able to test our boats on water.  Our next step is to test our boat with our explorer as well.

Watch this space...

Friday, September 14, 2018

Nga kiriata kiriahua mo te wiki o Te Reo Maori

Nau mai haere mai ki Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori.  In Room 2 we have been creating our own Maori Selfie videos.  For some of us, we have just worked on saying our pepeha and our whakapapa with confidence, for others we have been extending our reo by saying what we like and our goals.
First we wrote what we wanted to say in Maori, some of us used Maori dictionary for kupu (words) we did not know, but most of us asked Whaea Sally to help us.

Finally, we recorded our own selfie movie.  We recorded our kiriata in a variety of ways, some used green screen, some used screencastify and others just recorded using our chromebook camera.

Kia kaha ki te korero Maori, ahakoa he iti -give speaking Maori a go, no matter how little.