Friday, August 10, 2018

To matou mihi

In Room 2, we have been extending our mihi by learning new tauparapara.  A tauparapara is usually an opening to a mihi, such as a proverb or wise saying.  Below are Kyla and Koda practising their mihi using two of the new tauparapara we have been learning (underneath each video is the tauparapara and its translation).  

Whakarongo ake au                       I listen
ki te tangi a te manu                     To the cry of the bird                                     
Tui, tui, tuituia                             "Bind  together"
Tuia i runga                                  Bind from above
Tuia i raro                                     Bind from below
Tuia i waho                                  Bind from without
Tuia i roto                                    Bind from within
Tui i te here tangata                     Bind with the bonds of mankind
Ka rongo te po                            May there be peace by night
Ka rongo te ao                             Peace by day
Ka ao, ka ao, ka Awatea              The day has broken
Tihei Mauriora!                           Behold there is life!

Korihi te manu                            The bird sings
Takiri mai te ata                          The morning has dawned 
Ka ao, ka ao, ka Awatea              The day has broken
Tihei Mauriora!                           Behold there is life!                            

We will continue practising our new tauparapara and saying our mihi confidently before it is our turn to take morning taumata for the school.  We are also learning how to extend our mihi tautoko - this is a mihi that acknowledges those who have taken the morning taumata - by acknowledging the teachers and students of the school as well.



  1. Hi, my name is Jacob and I am a student in Manukau at Waikowhai Primary. You must have good memory to be able to remember all that. Why did you choose those proverbs? Maybe next time you could tell us where they came from. If you would like to see my blog, it is at . Bye!

  2. Tena Korua Kyla and Koda,
    Tumeke! Thanks so much for sharing your mihi with your new tauparapara added. I like how you have added the translation so I can read and understand what you are saying. It is good for me to hear your pronounication for my learning of Te Reo Māori. You both sound very confident. Have you been practising for a long time?
    Ngā manaakitanga

  3. Hi my name is callum and i am a student in room Manukau at Waikowhai
    Primary School.You have a lot of words to say and also had a good memory. I liked how you speaked a different language and put it into English to moari and Maybe next time you could speak louder and clear because you were outside.If you want to see our class blog it is

  4. Hi guys I am Alize From Yaldhurst Model School I thought it was really cool that you introduced yourself in maori because I am half maori and yeah really cool So see ya
    Yous seem like a cool School.
    Your sincerely