Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Does it float?

Next week at school, the middle and senior syndicate are having a raft race. The challenge is for each class to create a raft using recyclable materials, they are not allowed to be materials that can easily break in the water as we are having our raft race in our school pool and are not allowed to block up the filters in the pool.

What we learnt that the engineering process teaches us how to make a good design and to make improvements it if it doesn't work, we also had to plan and reflect on what we've made.
This is the second raft that Room 2 has created the first one we made could float but it could not hold a person.       

What do you think?

In the comments, make a prediction - do you think this raft can float on water?


  1. Hello room 2 my name is Jacob I like that you made a raft you should Tell us how to make a raft so we can do it I hope you had fun making one how long did you make it for, was it like 20 min to make one or you just finished it in like 10 min I would but next time can you add a picture so we can see it.

    Yaldhurst model school

    year 7

  2. Hi I think it would be good to make a drift car as well and race it I think it would be really fun it sounds like you are having a great time making it. I would love to see a picture when you are done. I wish I could help you make it. It sounds like you are having the best time I'm making it engineering it and putting everything together I wish I could help.
    Kind regards Hunter

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  4. Hello i'm Eben from Yaldhurst model school
    I loved this because I find having raft races and creating rafts really fun.
    You brought me back to when we created a raft to raft race.
    Why did you decide to do a raft race.
    Regards Eben

  5. Hi i'm Layton from YaldHurst Model School. It sounds fun building boat's and seeing if they float. But I think you should say more about what you are going to do when you get your boat's in the water instead of saying your just going to a race, like is there a price or something or is it just for fun?

    From: Layton
    School: YaldHurst Model School
    Year: 6

  6. Hi I'm Kade from Yaldhurst model school. Building boats is a really cool idea for the end of year. Maybe next time explain what you are going to do, But anyway great blog post.
    Yours sincerely

  7. kia ora, room 2 I like the way that you had to build a raft for a race, it sounds like so much fun. How much time did you get to build the raft. when I went to look at the gif there was no gif but when I clicked the link it showed me. I think that the milk bottle raft will sink because the milk bottles will not stay in the same place when you put it on the water. Great blog post👍
    Yours sincerely