Monday, December 3, 2018

Class of the week!!! Class of the week!!!

We are proud to announce that we were chosen as class of the week by Nga Rau Rangatira. The reasons that we were chosen was our singing during taumata, the way we sat in taumata.
This week we have the job of looking out for the class of the week, we are looking for the class who shows respect in taumata, who sings our waiata proudly and who lines up ready to learn.


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  2. Hello im Eben from yaldhurst model school
    I liked the way you created the gif
    Did think about explaining the tamatua.
    Do you guys get a reward for this?
    Regards Eben

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  4. kia ora, room 2 Congratulations on getting class of the week this week. How do you get class of the week.What gave you the idea to make a gif to show that you are class of the week. How long did it take you to make the gif.

    kind regards

  5. Hi im Shay from yaldhurst model school and im year 6 and I have enjoyed the part when you told us how you felt at that time and I don't know what class of the is can you plz help me understand what it is it when whos clas has the best learning for the week?? because I want to know more it sounds so indsting so I want to know more about class of the week thank you plz reply thank you.