Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Room 2's class movie for 2018 - Part 2

We are happy to announce that our class movie "Project Island Song" was selected along with Room 16's class movie to screen at the Kaikohekohe Networks movie night.  Whaea Sally asked Koda and Ngarui if they could come along to the event at Paihia School, their job was to introduce the film to everyone.  


  1. hello kawakawa im Eben from yaldhurst model school
    I like the way that you really explained why you had made the blog post.
    Did you think about adding the project island song into the post so we can hear it.Next time you could try and do that but otherwise that was a very good blog post

  2. Hi,
    Im Hunter from yaldhurst model school
    It looks like you are having so much fun working on your class movie. Did you think about adding in what you have done on your class movie.
    This is amazing because you have told as how you fult and what was going on with you class movie.
    I really enjoyed what you have told as about your class movie


  3. Hi kawakawa.
    This is Thom from yaldhurst school.
    I think it is really cool that your class and another class made a movie . I bet it would have been lots of fun. That photo is cool and funny.
    Keep blogging amazing things.

  4. Hi there kyla my name is Chloe,
    I like this blog post because of the pictures and video.
    I think next time you could improve on adding more words???
    I think that you might have to also add in some more punctuation it is just a little bit less???
    I hope you had so much fun making the blog post!
    Kind regards
    Chloe King
    Yaldhurst Model School.

  5. Hello room 2 my name is Jacob I like this blog post because I like the pictures and the video I think you should put more words in the blog post and you should tell us how you did the video. did you use I movie or just the video and you need to add more punctuation it is just a little bit I hope you had fun making the video.
    from jacob
    year 7
    Yaldhurst Model School.