Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Project Put ups at the KEN 2017 Movie Night

While most of us in Room 2 were having the time of our lives at our Marsden Bay Camp, our class movie for the 2017 KEN Movie Night was being showcased at Northland College in Kaikohe. 
This short film was based around people who have experienced "put downs."  
Our class chose 3 of our students and decided to treat them to something very special.  
Have a look below. 

Thank you to Tunisia and Jacqui who went and introduced our movie at Northland College.  
We knew you were very nervous at the time and we are so proud of you both.


  1. Hi my name Is Qaiden from Kawakawa primary, I really like how you decided to do a movie telling how bad bullying is. The facts you have used are really good. Maybe next time make it so that they don’t smile because Shontayne was smiling at the start.
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  2. Hi, my name is Rico. I got to Kawakawa Primary School. I really like how you showed that put ups are better then put downs. This made me think of much more happy put ups make people. Maybe next time you could try, make it more clear to see all of the put ups. Check out my blog

  3. Kia ora room 2, my name is Delina and I go to Kawakawa primary school. I really like your project that you did it. The movie, the characters and the camera person was cool. I like that your whole class has participated and went to the Northland collage to show your movie. I wish I could make a movie like that. Anyways you should check out my blog here’s the link

  4. Hi room 2 my name is Mahuta In Nga rau puawai. I'm so glad you guys movie went to Northland college and great job to Tunisia and Jacqui for sharing your guys video. I just wish our video made it. Check out our class blog.

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  6. Kia ora room 2 my name is Ebony I go to Kawakawa primary I am 9 years of age. My most favorite part about your project put ups movie was all the nice things you seed to eachother. I would also like to thank Tunisia and Jacqui for stepping up to represent your class and the school :)

  7. Hi room 2 my name is Tahurangi my class is Nga Rau Puawai. I really like your movie that you made about put ups and how you show respect in your movie. Love it. If you want to check my blog to learn what I’m doing here it is

  8. Hi Room 2 it’s Tamarah. My favourite part of project put ups is how all of you’s wrote nice things about each-other. A big round of applause to Tunisia and Jacqui for stepping up for their class. Was it scary standing in-front of everyone?

  9. Hi room 2 it’s Tia here from Nga Rau Puawai. I really love that you guys made this video about put downs because it is vital that put downs must come to an end. I love that u guys did this for your friends. Also a great congratulations to Tunisia and Jacqui for going to support your guys video. Stay strong guys.

  10. Hi Tia it is Jacque. Thank you for the comment. Yeah I like the project as well when I heard about it I thought it was cool. Thanks for commenting on our post. Hope you get it tomorroe

  11. Kia ora Room 2, Alisi here. I really enjoyed how your movie influenced a positive message. Has the movie
    encouraged others to be more kind to each other? check out my blog

  12. Kia ora Room 2,
    I am super impressed with your Film Festival movie and have already shared it with other teachers at other schools. Bullying is a REAL problem and I am so glad you are thinking hard about put ups instead of put downs. Wouldn't it be amazing if nobody every got bullied and we all were kind to each other all of the time. Have you shared your knowledge of put ups with your whānau or other friends who aren't in your class? I am sure you can make a difference. Nice work e hoa ma.

  13. Hi Room 2,My name is Summah from room 5 and I really like your movie that your class made.I like how your movie Included a message of stop bullying and instead of put downs, use put ups to make them happy.I like how your class is creative in how you presented the movie.Can’t wait to see more movies in the future:)

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  14. Hey Room 2 . Phoenix here from ODS year 6 ! I love visiting your blog and a little secret * Your my favourite blog I like to comment on hehe * . Wow Rm2 you guys are so lucky and blessed to have a teacher like that , a teacher who helps you through bullying , that video touched me and made me happy , those three students are great kids ! Keep making wonderful videos like this because they are funny and enjoyable to watch . I hope you enjoyed reading this comment , and please check out my blog and feel free to leave a comment because I enjoy reading them alot ! Here is the link to my blog @ .

    Catch Ya Later :)

    1. Hi Phoenix my name is Jacque I went to Northland College to present I video. Thank you for calling us your favourite class. After I am doing this comment I will go to your blog and comment on your blog. Thanks for the comment.