Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Hardcore Dance Company comes to Kawakawa Primary

We were very fortunate to have the Hardcore Dance Company perform for us today.


It was extra special because Payton's sister Paris was one of the dancers in the crew.
Here she is taking center stage below.


The best part of the show was when some of our school were picked to go up on stage  and dance with the crew as well.  Even Mrs Henare went on stage to bust some moves.  Can you spot her?


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  2. Hi Sally,
    That sounds amazing! I think I spotted Mrs Henare. Is she the one on the left at the front? To be better than before you could do some more writing about it.

    1. Hi Zoe, you were so close - but she's not there hehehe.
      Next time I post photo's, I'll make sure to add a bit of writing with each one.