Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Leaving footprints on the internet.

Kia ora koutou katoa!  For our Cybersmart lessons the focus has been Smart Footprints.  For our first session, The tamariki in Room 2 talked about (1)Who visits their blog, & (2)Why they would visit their blog.  We also spoke about places online where people could find something we have said or done.  We are starting to become more and more aware that what we say or do online leaves a digital footprint behind that is permanent.

Alyssa's Digital Footprint

              Kailah's Digital Footprint

            Tunisia's Digital Footprint

Razor's Digital Footprint


  1. Hi I am Braeden from Ohaeawai primary. I really like your internet footprints.

    1. Hi Braeden and Kawakawa Blog crew. This is a great collection of digital footprints. It is good to see so many positive things like art and songs. How did you put all the words together. I work with people doing learn create share and I am interested.

    2. Hello Braeden. This is Whaea Sally, Room 2's teacher, thank you for your comment and we are glad you like our work.

    3. Hello David Winter, this is Whaea Sally, Room 2's teacher. We used an app called it is very easy to use.

      We also talked about where people see our work, some of class shared what they already knew e.g blogs, social media. some of our students were quite clever and googled in "how do we share online"

  2. Hi my name is Ahmed and I go to Owairaka school looks like you used tagul but you used a different shape, I remember how I used Tagul but with a different shape, were you guys with James. If you want to check my blog out it is BLOG YOU LATER!!!

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  4. Hi my name is Rosa, and I come from Owairaka school. I am a year 6 student. I really like the way that you guys (Room 2) made this video. My class has done footprint also. .

    Please visit my blog thanks.

  5. Hi young man that is so cool that i want to do it.

  6. Kia Ora Room 2, My Name is Ruby and I am from Mamaku 1 at grey main school.
    This Is a really cool way to display your learning. Next time you could make another shape and add some text.
    Kind Regards
    Check My Blog out

  7. Hi my name is Lorenzo and I go to owairaka school I really liked your cool foot print tagl they look really cool and I liked how you put in portent words like respect responsibility and I think that you should focus on one topic and do a tagul about it ok that's me blog you later

  8. hi my name is Rania and I go to owairaka district school I really like how you guys did the tagual about Responsibility Its Really cool if you want to see my blog it blog ya later.

  9. Hi my name is Rosa, I am a year 6, I am 10 years old. I go to Owairaka school. I really like this footprint, It is very nice and, It has a lot of interesting words.

    Please visit my blog

    Blog ya later Thanks

  10. Hey guys,

    I really like this digital footprint. It explains everything. My class has done footprint also. It is good to see so many positive things like art and songs in here.